Youth housing expert in Porvoo and Sipoo

Want to live on your own? NAL Itä-Uusimaa will help!

youth housing expert

NAL Itä-Uusimaa is a youth housing expert in Porvoo and Sipoo and a member organisation of the Finnish Youth Housing Association (Nuorisoasuntoliitto ry). We offer affordable rental homes for young people between ages 18 and 29, who are working or entering working life. Our apartments are situated in Porvoo (Runeberginkatu 32 and Peippolankolmio) and Sipoo (Löötinkuja 2).

The organization provides a wide range of services: housing counselling, individual support in living, activities for tenants and ABC of housing -education. When moving in, a tenant will be personally guided and gets all the support he needs.

The association has solid experience in guiding young adults towards independent life. Our personnel work side by side with other professionals working with young people in the field – both nationwide and locally.



We provide

Housing councelling
Individual support in living
ABC of housing


The rental apartments in Porvoo and Sipoo are owned by NAL Asunnot.

Runeberginkatu 32, Porvoo
There are 33 apartments in the Runeberginkatu property some of which are situated in a lovely, old wooden house.

Peippolankolmio 3, Porvoo
The apartments in Peippolankolmio 3 are smaller with one or two rooms. The property was built in 2011 and the total amount of apartments is 23.

Löötinkuja 2, Sipoo
In Löötinkuja the apartment building was built in 2010 and the apartments are either one or two room homes. There are 24 apartments altogether.