For tenants

Our tenants always have our full support. We help in all kinds of situations regarding housing. The easiest way of getting help is to click to where it is clearly stated what to do if you have a housing problem. Our local maintenance company helps in acute problems which you may face.


Contact our local maintenance company


  • when you need to fill the notification form
  • if you leave your key in the apartment
  • if there’s something wrong with the household appliances
  • if there’s no water coming from the tap
  • if there’s a leak in the water pipes
  • if the fire alarm doesn’t work
  • if the floor drain is clogged
  • when you need any written documents
  • if there’s something wrong in the sauna or washing machine
  • is there’s some other kind of problem in the apartment
  • in case of gardening matters

Property maintenance: Lassila & Tikanoja

Defect notifications:

Urgent matter? Call 010 636 5000 (24 h)