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Housing counselling

Housing counselling is offered to everyone who is moving into our homes. It is necessary to support young people, so that they manage to keep control of their lives and prevent any kind of crises. One of the most important methods is simply to familiarize the tenants with the whole idea of being independent and living alone. The process also includes responsible tenant selection as well as interference in problem situations. Our housing instructors are always there if you need to talk to someone or ask for help.

Individual support in living

Assistance on how to get started is offered during the first months of housing and is voluntary. The focus is on the skills and routines that you need for independent living.

The topics that are covered are for example paying the rent, taking care of your home, obeying the regulations and applying housing allowance.


Tenant activities

Residential activity is meant for all residents of NAL homes. We organize all kinds of activities: social evenings, movie nights, trips, communal work event etc.

We also organize regular meetings where all the residents can participate and affect matters, which concern their homes. All tenants are encouraged to take part in decision making.


ABC of youth housing

The ABCs of youth housing is for everyone, who is old enough to live alone in a rental home.

The course covers such topics as: where to find a rental home, how much it costs, how to afford living in a rental home and what responsibilities you have when renting. This course is free.

Contact info

Marika Kaitaranta

Marika Kaitaranta

Executive Director

tel. +358 40 548 8880


Ville Viilamo

Special Housing Counselor

tel. +358 41 311 1325


Henna Salminen

Housing Counselor

tel. +358 44 2487 570



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